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Forschungszentrum für Bergsportrecht


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Bergspitze bei Schlechtwettersonnenaufgang im hinteren Zillertal

About alprimo

alprimo stands for alpine risk management optimized and works predominantly in mountain sports law. alprimo arose as a spin-off out of the still existing Research Unit on International Mountain Sports Law including Legal Aspects of Tourism and Natural Hazards (that website will not be updated any more), Dr. Dominik Kocholl founded in 2005 at the University of Innsbruck. This research unit on legal issues relating to sports and recreation in alpine space is part of the Research Platform on Alpine Space—Man and Environment and the Faculty of Law at the Innsbruck University in Austria. bsR, the research unit receives grants from academic funding councils eg. the TWF.

At alprimo we study liability issues arising out of mountaineering, climbing (indoor, outdoor, alpine, trad, rock, ice), backcountry-hiking, skiing, ski mountaineering/back country skiing, trecking, expeditions etc. Further we  discuss rights of free access to the alpine space, recreation, product liability, legal aspects of tourism and natural hazards. One recent field of major concern were liability waiving possibilties in Austria, Germany and under European Law. We work together with national and international experts from various institutions.

In its beginnings alprimo worked as a business consulting firm—this part is dormant these days, as Dominik Kocholl works full time as an associate at a quite big law firm in Vienna. For the future it is planned to cover several other sports too—especially those we know a lot about.

Domiciled in Innsbruck and operating in Vienna these days

The alprimo KG is based in Innsbruck/Tirol/Austria and Vienna/Austria. Tirol is a great area for lovers of winter sports and of mountains. Highlights include Innsbruck (two-time host of the Olympics), St. Anton/Arlberg (host of the Ski World Cup), Kitzbühel (venue of the famous Hahnenkamm ski race), Seefeld (host of the Air&Style snowboard contest). There is an great number of climbing routes, hiking trails and glaciers.

Members of alprimo KG

The executive director of the private limited partnership “alprimo Kommanditgesellschaft”, Dr. Dominik Kocholl, works as an associate at a law firm in Vienna, contributes to formal teaching private and sports law with the Innsbruck University and various forms of legal training. Dominik Kocholl is a member of the law faculty of Innsbruck University and was full time staff for private law for six years.

He is a state certified and UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme) approved Climbing Instructor, Ski Mountaineering Guide and High Alpine Leader. For more than a decade he has been racing Olympic dinghies (470, 49er) together with his brother at international top level regattas. He is a member of the UIAA Legal Experts Working Group of the Mountaineering Commission and works closely together with Safety Research Institutions (eg Österreichisches Kuratorium für Alpine Sicherheit, the Mountaineering Unit of the Austrian Alpine Club (OEAV) and the Safety Research of the German Alpine Club (DAV)).

alprimo is proud of all its partners and clients. Some of them are mentioned here.

The book to be written / publications

Besides to write a book we publish a range of articles on different issues of Mountain Sport Law. One of our aims is to write a handbook on Austrian and International Mountain Sports Law. It should combine practical hints for all those interested in the subject with scientific research standards. It should become available in 2009.

alprimo’s poster for the Managing Alpine Future conference 2007 in Innsbruck can be found here. It it was drafted in English language.

The article on the copyright and Urheberrecht on sport rules (Geistiges Eigentum am Wesensmerkmal des Sports—seinen Regeln: Urheberrecht an Sportregeln Olympischer und America‘s Cup-Regatten, der UEFA EURO und beim Bergsport, CausaSport 2008, 150-159) has an English abstract.

Comparing and Harmonising Law

A particular focus of the unit is on the harmonisation of Mountain Sports Law in Europe, starting from a comparative law approach and including extra-European legal systems.

alprimo KG makes a substantial and sustainable contribution to the safety of human beings which is endangered by all forces of nature. The most important danger results out of gravity.

Our tasks are fundamental research, applied (contract) research, education, consultancy, publications, organisation of seminars and conferences, library and documentation/information services.

Safety or Freedom? How much of each aim should be the optimum?

Mountains are not confining: they offer vision and broaden perspectives. In society the opposite is true: we conform to rules, behavioural norms and guidelines. In the mountains we can feel free. On the other hand even the most remote mountains can not be, what we sometimes would like them to be: extra legal space. This is true as soon as human beings get there.

Most mountaineers do a good job coping with the hazards of their sport. It will always be risky. We believe that law is about reducing accidents. How is a reduced accident rate possible without seriously restricting the sport? You have a right to chose your own level of risk, but you owe it to yourself and everyone else to make that choice with your eyes wide open.

Who pays for rescues? When will you be charged for creating a hazardous condition for others?

Personal Practice

One of all our team member’s goals is to stay actively integrated into the physical and psychical endeavours of mountain sports. We are alpinists, climbers, skiers, hikers ourselves. Outdoors we constantly renew our creativity in problem solving.

To be improved and continued soon ...

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